Moderna Injects Ksh57 Billion To Kenyan Vaccine Plant

Vaccine manufacturer Moderna Inc. has announced a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Kenya to establish a Ksh57 billion mRNA manufacturing facility. The state-of-the-art...

Kilifi Hospital Gets Ksh54 Million Newborn Unit From Safaricom Foundation, County...

Kilifi County Hospital has officially opened a newborn unit worth over Ksh54 million which was built and equipped through a partnership between Safaricom Foundation...

Medical Tourism: Dignitaries Admitted in Kenya Reveal Multi-Billion Opportunity

While Kenya's public health system is weighed down by corruption, inadequate funding, mismanagement and labour disputes - its private facilities seem to be fairing much better. Ensuring that the country's health facilities - both private and public - meet the highest international standards would open up a multi-billion shilling medical tourism industry in the country.

Covid-19 Vaccine: Why Kenya’s Sex Workers Should be First in Line

Kenya needs to consider the welfare of sex workers even as it rolls out Covid-19 vaccination in hospitals across the country. Not only did Covid-19 threaten their livelihoods but it also exposed them to poor health outcomes.

Is Cancer Cure Just for the Rich?

Kenyan tycoon Chris Kirubi released a video this month revealing he has been cured of cancer, offering a ray of hope that cancer is indeed treatable.