The healing power of salsa dance

Salsa is a ballroom dance representing a mix of Latin musical genres, but its primary component is Cuban dance music

I used to s***l cars, rapper Akon reveals

As a child, the rapper-turned-philanthropist was born in the US but spent his early years in Senegal before returning to the States at 12 years old

Survey shows higher preference for smart TVs

The increase in demand for televisions with smart functions seen in the past few years is indicative of an increased desire for engagement, particularly immersive viewing experiences

Maisha Magic East launches three local music shows on

The Turn Up, Pambio Live and Jela 5 Star are among the 15 local programmes lined up by Maisha Magic East in the year 2017/18

Sauti Sol’s new single takes YouTube by storm

The emojis lyric video, the first of a three part video release for the song FriendZone, showcases Sauti Sol as a group that has continually grown to embrace the current trends in the market

Honey, will you marry me? and other fun jokes about high...

The current wave of rising commodity prices has left Kenyans with pinched pockets. The cost of sugar, flour and milk has literally pushed through...

Seven must-watch movies for entreprenuers

Yes, movies can capture the interest of entrepreneurs. Sometimes the best way to capture these business realities is through fiction. Wherever you are in your...

Govt launches 24-hour youth television channel

Five music recording studios have been set up to enable young artistes record music and other productions at subsidised rates

8 affordable weekend getaways that will leave you relaxed

Everyone wants to have that great time with their loved ones, in a cool place. We would wish to visit the best places on...

Is Churchill Show running out of ideas?

NO LAUGHING MATTER: After losing key comedians, Churchill Show is facing challenges in delivering quality content (see story below)