Car Wash Businesses to be Kicked Out of Nairobi – Badi

car wash businesses have become such a menace

Business Partners Who Drunk Sanitizer Stock

I floated the idea of selling self-made hand sanitizers. We had discovered that most sanitizers were basically alcohol.

My Girlfriend is a Stripper!

As she came down from the pole dance, we looked right into each other’s faces. She smiled. A beautiful but familiar face.

Campus Girls, Slay Queens Fear Pregnancy More Than HIV

Young girls are afraid of getting pregnant more than they fear HIV virus. They believe pregnancies will change their lives.

Enduring Financial Lessons From Our African Mothers

In Africa, there were key economic lessons our mothers tried to inculcate in us: the value of a shilling and the value of saving.

Love Cons and Married Women Who Play Single

I tried to talk but only ended up stammering. Cindy was not talking. She only stared as if she was not part of what was happening.

Valentine Gone Sour: Guy Who Played 4 Girls Beaten at His...

Valentine's was fast approaching, a cause to worry. Having four girlfriends - two loyally tucked in the village and the two slay queens in...

No Love Lost in Search of White Girlfriends Online

Technically speaking, love has never been cheap. One either loses money or his heart, if not both.

The Art of Stretching Sh50k Salary to Live Sh100k Lifestyle

The middle class lives like Jubilee government: excessive spending on unprofitable projects, fat lies, and the insatiable appetite to borrow.

Josiah’s Thirst to Gamble and a Costly Slay Queen Smile

This greed for quick money, which is normally devoid of caution among novices, is what got us conned in River Road.