The Art of Stretching Sh50k Salary to Live Sh100k Lifestyle

The middle class lives like Jubilee government: excessive spending on unprofitable projects, fat lies, and the insatiable appetite to borrow.

Josiah’s Thirst to Gamble and a Costly Slay Queen Smile

This greed for quick money, which is normally devoid of caution among novices, is what got us conned in River Road.

Betrayal in the City: Dinner at Hilton Leaves a Bitter Taste

Being very fresh from the village, the allure of the city washed away every caution and double thoughts that we might have entertained.

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Odibets Gives Out 100 Goats Daily in Betting Promotion

Each goat from Odibets will be worth Ksh5,000 and will be rewarded to the lucky customers via M-Pesa.

Angry Standard Group Employees Wrestle With Auctioneers

In what looked like a movie, Standard Group employees moved to stop the auctioneers from carrying away the seats.

Inside Details of How Equity Sealed Deal to Acquire Rwandan Bank

Equity Group Managing Director and CEO, Dr James Mwangi, said the transaction Equity-Cogebanque deal was sealed on 30th November 2023.

Lupita’s Little Brother Junior Nyong’o Charting His Own Path in Acting

Junior Nyongó, who is also a musician and a DJ and now a graduate of UC San Diego with an MFA in Acting, is crafting his own solid path in the world of acting with roles in major theatre productions.