Gaming Experience Recreating Mau Mau Battles With the British

Its creators envision First Patriots becoming 'the most immersive cultural experience' yet. The first edition is slated for Madaraka Day on June 1st.

Nairobi Expressway Opening – 10 Things You Should Know

The mega-project, the capital's new centerpiece cutting through the city, has divided opinion. It is intended to help cut the time wasted in Nairobi's notorious traffic significantly.

Sakaja Names Absa Bank COO as His Running Mate

The move has been perceived as a counterweight to the Azimio la Umoja coalition's recent unveiling of seasoned corporate executive Polycarp Igathe as its candidate for Governor. Sakaja and  Muchiri will run on the DP William Ruto-led United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket - under the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

Terror Alert: Panic as Kenyans, Police React to Warnings

The police sought to calm social media fears and assured the public that security in the country had been scaled up through different operations.

Nairobi Commuter Rail Services Resume – See the Full 2022 Schedule

Routes on the Nairobi service include the Nairobi-Ruiru route, Nairobi-Embakasi, Nairobi-Athi River/Lukenya, Nairobi-Syokimau and Nairobi-Kikuyu.

Digital Billboards Livestreaming Nairobi’s Real-Time Air Pollution Data

PM2.5 causes serious health issues, including asthma, lung cancer, and heart disease. Exposure to PM2.5 has also been associated with low birth weight, increased acute respiratory infections, and stroke.

Nairobi Is Overrated, Get Out Of This Place And Prosper!

Twitter user Kadendi Wachosi shared the post 'Nairobi Is Overrated, Get Out Of This Place and Prosper'. In a country where living in the...

Village Life Tranquility That Nairobi’s Allure And Millions Can’t Match

I fell in love with Nairobi for some reasons: for opportunities, its liveliness, and the perceived ‘good’ life it offers. But after living for about a decade, I couldn’t figure out how I would continue with this city lifestyle before my head goes bald. Is life all about labouring to sustain the perceived good Nairobi type of living standard?

Shiksha Arora on Being Strangled, Robbed in City Centre

She detailed how they brazenly distracted her until one of the men unlocked her car and got in the backseat before strangling her.

9 Cost-Effective Ways to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

Sometimes you just need a proper deep clean to give your home a new look. Use a steam-cleaner to get rid of stains and smells in carpets (especially important if you have pets). You can also freshen up carpets and rugs by sprinkling them with bicarbonate of soda, letting it absorb for a few hours and then vacuuming it up.