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e-Commerce Portal QNET Extends Charity to Mombasa Orphanage

Ramadhan Spirit: Twenty representatives of QNET, an international e-commerce company, and other well-wishers have joined hands with the Ramisi Markar Children’s Orphanage to donate...

A Shorter Moonlighting Leash For Popular Citizen TV Anchors and Radio...

In a surprise move that’s likely to hit celebrity incomes, RMS management on 12th May released a communication that requires staff to get approval before taking up such private assignments as moderating conferences and seminars, master of ceremony, and featuring in adverts and other promotions. While acknowledging the individual brands within its radio and TV platforms, the management argues that the use and deployments of specific talents, whether in personal or corporate activities, greatly affects and influences the overall brand of the company and thus needs regulation.

Amazon Web Worker Scam: Kenyans Lose Millions to Online Ponzi Scheme

Amazon Web Worker falsely claimed to be an affiliate of Amazon Inc. and was accessible via a mobile and web application. Users were paid for referring other users to the platform, a hallmark of similar pyramid schemes which have scammed Kenyans in recent years such as Public Likes and Live Auction.

Vedic House Owners Face S****l Harassment Suit

A former employee of a Hindu religious group, Arya Samaj Nairobi, is seeking to have the chairman and vice-chairman of the organisation barred from...

Larry Madowo Returns To Nairobi as CNN Correspondent

Madowo most recently served as the BBC’s North America Correspondent in Washington, D.C., covering major U.S. news stories including the Covid-19 outbreak, the 2020 presidential election and the protests following the death of George Floyd and the trial of Derek Chauvin. He also was a fill-in anchor for the network’s flagship BBC World News America show that airs globally and on PBS stations across the United States. This assignment marks a return to Nairobi for the Kenyan-born Madowo, who started his broadcasting career at Kenya Television Network at the age of 20.

RMS Sends Home Professor Hamo Under Cloud of S*****l

The situation led to a back-and forth that has only gotten messier with every turn, tarnishing the once squeaky-clean image of the "professor" whose wacky scholar act endeared him to millions across the country - landing him spots on some of the biggest shows and endorsement deals with the likes of Startimes.

IMPACC to Invest Up to Ksh16 Million in African Social Businesses

“We use the tools of business to meet social challenges. We identify local green businesses that have already had first proof of concept and help them grow by scaling their business through a franchise system into other regions and countries”, said IMPACC CEO Till Wahnbaeck while making the announcement.

Taxpayers Fork Out Ksh1 Billion for Kenya’s New London Embassy

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' new approach to diplomatic real estate focuses on purchasing properties as opposed to leasing in foreign nations. Other embassies identified as dilapidated include those in New York (UN), Canada, Washington, Russia, Australia, Geneva, Japan, China, South Korea and the Los Angeles consulate.

Pest Control: Used Car Importers Slapped With New Inspection Fees

The new draft regulations would also see each container packing tyres, wires or disassembled equipment attract an inspection fee of Ksh3,000. Inspection fee for an aircraft, motorised boat or yacht stands at Ksh20,000 each.

Explained: ‘Please Call Me’ Inventor’s Ksh75 Billion Battle

Makate is instead seeking compensation to the tune of R10 Billion (Ksh75 billion), and has maintained that his fight will set a precedent for IP battles and employee relations all over the world. He has received the support of several groups in South Africa, who have on multiple occasions demonstrated in support of his demand.