Meet Mombasa Billionaire Philanthropist Feuding With County

The sheer size of his empire as well and his commitment to philanthropy in sectors including health, environment and education have made him a towering figure in Mombasa, with great influence.

Uhuru Bank Records Ksh6.4 Billion In Q1 Profits

NCBA Group, partially owned by the family of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, has posted a profit before tax of Ksh6.4 billion in its Q1 results ending March 31, 2023, which is a 32 per cent increase compared to Ksh4.8 billion reported during a similar...

Mwananchi Credit Launches DriveSafe Campaign

Mwananchi Credit Launches DriveSafe Campaign

Posh IT, PATH and Medic Seal Partnership to Enhance Digital Health Solutions

The partnership will see posh IT receive a grant aimed at enhancing their capacity in collectively building and expand their digital health solutions using a common, open-source platform dubbed the community health toolkit, stewarded by Medic.

Big Square’s Big Blunder Has Customers Turning Against Them

Fast food chain Big Square is on the receiving end of backlash from its customers following its publication of an advertisement online. The original posting seen by Business Today invited applications for 12 'brand ambassador' roles, with each ambassador expected to represent one of the chain's outlets.

KNCCI Presidential Hopeful Eric Ruto Vouches For Women

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry presidential candidate Dr Eric Ruto has promised to back and enact a proposal by women directors in Nyanza region to create a women in business, youth and people with disability office if elected.