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Janet Mbugua: Former TV Queen Now Changes Girls’ Lives

In 2017, Janet Mbugua left loyal viewers disappointed after announcing her exit from Royal Media Services (RMS) owned Citizen TV.

Kanze Dena’s Transformation Gets Kenyans Talking [PHOTOS]

It wasn't the President's visit or an expected high-stakes meeting of political bigwigs that caught people's attention, but rather, Kanze's transformation.

Alvan Gatitu Bounces Back After Publicized Struggles, Lands Radio Gig

He is set to start the new job on Monday, February 1st.

Nick Ndeda Exits Kiss FM After 2-Year Stint

The presenter has been at Radio Africa Group for 9 years.

Crackdown: Police Take on ‘Lawless’ Boda Boda Industry

Members of the public were urged to report any accidents or security-related incidents involving boda boda riders to the nearest police station.

Lolani Kalu’s Hilarious Comeback Wins Kenyans’ Hearts [VIDEO]

Much like he cut a niche for himself with his comical Swahili reporting, Kalu has been able to entertain even in adverts.

Did Igathe Resign? Courts to Decide as Former DG Throws Spanner...

Igathe says he was not aware if the legal steps to formalize his resignation were conducted.

Mwananchi Credit Extends Repayment Period For Civil Servants Loans To 8...

Civil servants and TSC members will now have up to 96 months to pay their loans, a major relief from the previous 72 months.

Equity Turnover at NSE Drops 27.5% as Investors Flee Pandemic

Investors, both local and foreign, stayed away from the bourse during the quarter.

Relief for Business Owners as Govt Extends Disclosure Deadline

Failure to comply with the requirements exposes companies and their directors to stiff penalties.