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Kanze Dena’s Transformation Gets Kenyans Talking [PHOTOS]

It wasn't the President's visit or an expected high-stakes meeting of political bigwigs that caught people's attention, but rather, Kanze's transformation.

Kobi Kihara: How Ex-NTV Queen Bounced Back from S*****l in New...

Kobi hasn't allowed the scandal to stop her progress and has been making impressive moves in New York where she remains based.

KBC Loses Legend News Anchor, Leaving a Co-Presenter ‘Widowed’

One of KBC’s newly acquired 'legend' presenters has quit, just two months after signing up for the national broadcaster in the widely hyped June 2021 relaunch. Mr Fred Indimuli is understood to have resigned last week to the surprise of KBC top managers.

Peter Munga’s Multi-Billion Power Play That Stunned Africa

Painting Munga as an uncompromising businessman, the commission concluded: "Peter Munga was a business tycoon and all the Mauritian professionals involved put together were no match for him singly alone. He was able to dictate both time and terms, price and party."

Kenya’s First Tesla Owner on Multi-Million Taxes, KPLC Blackouts and Charging...

It isn't every day that you see electric vehicles (EVs) on the streets of Nairobi, let alone Teslas. Tesla, founded by the world's second richest man Elon Musk, has established itself as the innovative, market-leading company manufacturing electric vehicles and integrating them with people's everyday lifestyles.

Carol Radull Leaves Radio Africa, Mocks Her Job Saying She Is...

Insiders at Radio Africa have told Business Today that Ms Radull may have been among a number of employees whose contracts expired at the end of July but were not renewed. The company two years ago changed the terms of employment for majority of its staff from permanent to contracts, as away to deal ease out some of the highly paid employees.

My Regrets Over ‘Machachari’ – Ex-Citizen TV Star Govi Reveals

Govi together with his friend Baha left the show in 2019.

Waititu in Ksh520M Deal Gone Wrong, Could Lose Ksh52M

“It was a term of the agreement that upon default by Saika, the General Properties Ltd had the right to rescind the agreement and forfeit the 10 percent deposit as liquated damages for breach,” GPL Director Charles Muhia noted.

6,600 New Hires to be Made at KRA as Taxman Eyes...

The KRA has identified segments with high potential for growing revenues, including online businesses, informal small-scale trade, real estate (landlords) and HNWIs.

Terrence Creative Strikes Gold With ‘Wash Wash’ Series

Importantly, Macharia has been commended by a section of the fans for the educative aspect of the series which opens viewers' eyes to how fraud works while maintaining a comedic edge.