Kenya is the biggest economy in East Africa and most watched in sub-Saharan Africa, being the regional business hub. BT brings you comprehensive coverage of the various economic sectors.

Experts: What govt needs to do to resuscitate failing economy

Taxation and economy experts have once again pounded the alarm over the country's huge public debt saying that the government should freeze all development...

TSC to Hire 35,000 Teachers Ahead of Double Transition in Schools

Of the 35,000 teachers, 25,000 will be employed on a permanent basis while 12,000 will be on internship. The recruitment is considered necessary to ensure a smooth running of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

Why Bread Suddenly Got More Expensive for Kenyans

Bakers had initially attempted to raise prices by Ksh5 to Ksh8 in January, but the move was reversed due to competition from supermarkets which maintained lower prices on their in-house bread brands.

Covid-19 Vaccine: Kenya Orders 24 Million Doses

Kenya opted for the AstraZeneca vaccine over the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as it does not require complex cold storage facilities.

Seven Banks Restructure Sh176 Billion Worth of Loans in One Month

The banking sector, one of the most resilient sectors in the country has started feeling the heat and is looking at a bad year already

KRA Hires PhDs to Crank the Maths of Tax Compliance

Commissioner General Githii Mburu confirmed that the three had been picked following a competitive selection process by the KRA Board.

Man Hit Hard By Hen’s Death Holds its Funeral

In an economy where the majority of people are poor and live on less than a dollar a day, losing a hen valued at about Ksh600 can be a painful experience.

US Slaps Kenya With Travel Advisory Over Covid-19

"Internal flights are restricted, and road and rail transportation are limited geographically and by curfew," noted the US department of State - referencing the partial lockdown in Nairobi and surrounding counties.

It’s Our Responsibility to Cushion the Country Against Covid-19

Evidently this pandemic has occasioned unprecedented suffering to humankind and a massive downward spiral of the world economy.

Machakos Emerges as Unlikely Tourism Hub in Covid-19 Era

Thanks to a blend of culture, investment, deliberate marketing efforts and collaboration between public and private sector players, Machakos is cutting a niche for itself in the hospitality sector.