5 Important Questions to Ask Before Investing in Land

While all these are valid reasons for purchasing land, there are key questions that one needs to ask before making that ultimate move.

What You Need to Know Before Investing in Real Estate

Over the past decade, hundreds of Kenyans have fallen prey to housing scams

Real Estate Firm Offers Affordable Land on Eastern Bypass

Buying Land in Nairobi can be a very expensive affair with eighth of acre or even smaller running into tens of millions of shillings.

3 Common Mistakes Land Buyers Often Make

Demand for land has skyrocketed, making it quite scarce as everyone is rushing to secure a piece of earth. 

Joint Real Estate Venture Secures US Embassy as Anchor Tenant

This project further cements the relationship between Gateway Africa and Verdant Ventures.

Centum Real Estate to Float Ksh4B Project Bond

Investors who purchase the bond will have the option of investing in an equity-linked component.

Why Rainy Season is Best time to Buy Land

Most people stand the risk of purchasing a parcel of land in flood-prone areas or along water paths.

Investment Sector That Defies Economic Slowdown, Including Covid-19

Investing in real estate has many advantages over other investments, including lower risks and a high rate of return, among many others.

Boost Your Real Estate Business With These 5 Creative Video Ideas

Merely having a video on your website gives you better searchability. Half the online bandwidth is used by videos.

Home Buyers Take Possession of Sh4.7 Million Houses at Tatu City

Situated on Tatu City’s first main road, the British-Kenyan venture’s first 48 units are spread across four blocks with 12 apartments each.