Prison opens new chapter for teacher who killed husband

Jane Monyonge looks back at what would have happened had she controlled her emotions

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Meet a woman who uses an artificial heart

Rose Wahu refuses to allow her heart ailment to kill her goals and has studied up to the university, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Applied Biology from Kenya Methodist University

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Coincidence or fate? Rerun to be held on Uhuru’s birthday

He will either become the first Kenyan President to win a second term after a rerun ordered by the Supreme Court or the first to serve for only one term in the country's history

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Lothar Matthaus coming to Kenya

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Eight things people must know about you

It goes without that one of the worst feelings on earth is to love someone and never get to tell them. Love can mean a whole host of things

Official Biography: The Life and Times of Joseph Nkaissery

Major General (Rtd) Joseph Kasaine Ole Nkaissery was born on 28th November 1949 and hailed from the Maasai community of the Odomongi clan in Kajiado county. Major...