Rich Dad, Rich Kids: Biggest Share of The Moi Empire Goes...

Since Moi’s wealth is spread across many sectors in Kenya, the family has to agree on how to share it without drama

Was Raila Avoiding Moi Even in Death?

The decision by his administration to make the country a single party state became a major point of disagreement in our politics that caused the clamour for the repeal of Section 2 (a).

Goldenberg Scandal, Political Era Victims’ Injustices Dull Moi’s Send-off

By the time the political conditions made it difficult for Moi to practice detention without trial, he had jailed 19 political dissidents

Private Photographer Who Charmed His Way into Late President Moi’s Life

The photo that best defines Moi has been picked as the official portrait for period of his mourning through his burial.

The Man Who Owns Lee Funeral Home and Sir Charles Njonjo’s...

Lee Funeral Home is one of the few the British citizens living in Kenya trust to do a perfect job when they are preparing their loved ones for their final rites.

Moi’s Need for Speed and Other Things he Liked

Despite the power in his hands and the stakes he controlled, the former strongman could also not take alcohol.

The New Larry Madowo Got Swag, With a ‘Cool’ Accent

Besides enhanced grooming, thanks to his international assignment as BBC as Africa Business Editor, he is certainly acquiring a new accent.

Blind But Farsighted: Meet Kenyan Visually Impaired Software Programmer

Wambua, who hails from Machakos County, has gone against all odds to become the first blind Kenyan computer programmer

Moving On Swiftly: Photos of Gladys Shollei’s Supposed New Lover

It has only been a couple of days since Uasin Gishu women representative Gladys Boss Shollei was declared a single woman.

Kenyan Who Owns Poland’s Largest Real Estate Firm

If you have never been to the Nairobi office of the Polish Investments and Trade Agency, then this is your time. It is a place where...