Beyond Social Media Backlash, Angie Magio is Nothing Like Her TV...

For Magio, the backlash isn’t surprising, especially for a character who’s an obstacle in the tortuous love story between the titular Selina.

Kenya’s Bravest Paraplegic Says Walking is Overrated

Kirwa says he had to push himself and believe beyond doubt that no situation is permanent.

A Cow Fine Forced Archbishop Ndingi Mwana ‘a Nzeki to School

Mzee Nzeki, wanting to escape the fine, volunteered a son to go to school

Announcing a Lockdown is Easy, Maintaining One is Near Impossible for...

Kenyans will be contemplating whether to die of starvation or risk being infected with Covid-19 but at least get some food.

Bitange Ndemo: I Sleep on an Empty Stomach

Ndemo says that despite his busy schedule, he has had to make time to ensure that he stays fit to keep up with the demands of the field he is in

No Electricity? No Problem For Kitui County’s Remotest Dwellers

The rural Kitui settlers sing songs of praise to an NGO that has provided them with an off-grid solar solution at a very low price.

Magic Behind Moi’s Rungu, the Rose Flower and Other Mysteries

President Moi will also be remembered for his sharp dressing during his 24-year reign. He always wore British tailor-made suits.

Pictorial: A Walk Through Moi’s Family

The current Rongai MP, Raymond Moi, born in 1960, followed, after which came twins, Philip and Doris, born in 1962.

Life & Times of Moi: The Rise From Herdsboy to President

We lay him to rest on his chosen spot, and though we miss him, we are buoyed by his powerful guidance to his family, friends and Kenya.

Kwaheri Mzee Moi: The Official Memorial Service Programme

Moi's journey, from an orphan boy tending goats in Kabartonjo to State House, is a testament of what can be achieved through determination, hard work and the guiding hand of the Almighty