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Strategic Tools Giving Organisations Edge Over Rivals

A performance management system overcomes the drawbacks of the traditional performance appraisal system by maintaining a futuristic approach.

Exhibition open for Kenyan artists to showcase their work

Talented Kenyan artists have landed a rare opportunity to show their work to potential buyers during the African Inspiration art exhibition week at the...

How to Optimize Knowledge Management in Organisations

For organizations to sustain competiveness in the market, they should not only embrace, but also recognize, knowledge as a core asset.

Employee Wellbeing: A Competitive Edge for 21st Century Organisations

Welfare facilities cover a wide range of basic health, safety issues intended to protect the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.

Glocalization: The New Way to Go Global But Remain Local

The triumph of the little guy in the face of globalization and an opportunity for would-be entrepreneurs to tap into their hometown markets and then scale. Growing and nurturing local businesses is critical for the health and development of a nation. With a conducive working environment that allows local companies to scale, glocalization should be a priority to our country.

CEOs Acting For Too Long Isn’t a Cool Thing

The appointing authorities sleepover indecision until they are woken up by uproar from within and without the organization.

Three Professors Take on the Ineos Challenge

'I am feeling good. After Roger Bannister in 1954 it took another 63 years. I tried and I did not get it - 65...

Using Job Description to Stimulate Employee Performance

A Job Description is an organized factual statement of job content in the form of duties and responsibilities of a specific job. A job...

How to Use Dress Code to Boost Employee Output

By wearing a distinctive dress people want to deepen their country’s cultural values in the minds of their children.

Why it’s always lonely at the top and what you can...

Executive burnout: Businesses leader face challenges so powerful that a good number of them reckon that they can handle the pressure for less than two years