This section fact-checks various news and information in media. This is where we give facts and debunk fake news and falsehoods.

FAKE: Recruitment Letter Not Issued By Kenya Wildlife Service

On 3rd October 2021, a calling letter purporting to be from Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) was shared on social media. The letter, printed on...

HOAX: No Plans Yet To Demolish Weston Hotel

On October 6th 2021, a claim that Weston Hotel in Nairobi, which is linked to Deputy President William Ruto, was set for demolition. A...

FAKE: New York Times Did Not Publish Article Urging America to...

The page with the headline “Kenya’s Building Bridges Initiative A Lesson For America” and dated 20th January 2021, was purportedly written by Tim Cliff, argues that the US may have some lessons to learn from “this African nation” which has figured out a way to come together when its sense of cohesion is at its lowest.

‘Even Hardcore Gangsters are Heartbroken’: Relationships, Tough Life Inside Kenyan Prisons

It is indeed a difficult life. Anyone who has gone through the prison system in Kenya will tell you that for free. It all starts with a crime.

DEBUNKED: 14 Million Kenyans Not Blacklisted by CRBs

Data by Metropol shows that the number of loans accounts in arrears for more than 90 days jumped to 14,035,718 by January this year, up from 9,673,258 in August 2020, a 45% increase, after the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) lifted a three-month moratorium.

FAKE: Barbara Kyagulanyi, Bobi Wine’s Wife, Not The Lady Harassed By...

The confusion stemmed from the fact that Bobi Wine had evacuated his four children to the United States on January 6 amid concerns over their safety

CONFIRMED: American NGO Has Launched ‘Adopt a Clitoris’ Campaign in Kenya

The creation of Clitoraid was inspired by International spiritual leader, Raël, a relentless defender of human rights and women’s rights. The innate right to sexual health and fulfillment has been a core value to the Raelian philosophy for nearly half a century and is now advocated by the World Health Organization as a basic human right.

FALSE: Safaricom is Not Running Reward Program for Loyal Customers

The website hoodwinks recipients by asking them to check if their zone has been selected for the Safaricom's Loyal Customer Prize.

FALSE: Deputy President William Ruto Has Not Endorsed BBI Report

On October 22, several social media accounts shared a purported front page of the Star alleging that Dr Ruto supported the BBI report.

MISLEADING: Passport Printer Did Not Break Down Nor Was Printing Halted 

An article published on 14th October by Bizna Kenya website claiming that Kenya was unable to issue new passports due to a printer breakdown...