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This section give a comprehensive coverage of business news in Kenya – ranging from companies, industry, economy, markets, agriculture and the NGO world.

Telco Wars: Chiloba Battles Safaricom Over Lower Rates

The MTR is the rate telcos charge each other for interconnecting customers. The review was announced by Chiloba in December and was to take effect at the start of the year before Safaricom moved to court

The Ksh14 Billion Hole That Was Used To Steal From Chase...

At least Ksh14 billion marked as outstanding interest was lost before Chase Bank collapsed, a Capital Markets Authority (CMA) investigation report has revealed. According to...

Kenya Police FC: Football’s New Moneybags Splash the Cash

Kenya Police FC is among parastatal and corporate-backed teams that have managed to stay above the water in a period that has seen Kenyan football clubs struggle.

Uhuru’s Ban on Scrap Metal Trade – What You Should Know

“As of today, we will no longer allow, and we have put a moratorium on the export or the buying or selling of any scrap material until we have put in place proper guidelines that will ensure that material is not coming from the hard-won investments that the Kenyan people have made,” he stated.

Potato Variety KFC Wants Kenyan Farmers to Plant, Process

While processing plants for frozen cut fries are few and far between in Kenya, they aren't entirely non-existent as reported by some outlets.

Co-op Bank Defies Digital Onslaught To Open 7 New Branches

The new branches do not typically increase staff headcount as they are usually staffed from existing teams, following the branch transformation and digitization.

UK Firm Announces Opportunities for 100+ Kenyans in Hospitality

The firm was interestingly established after one of its cofounders had an enchanting experience while holidaying in Kenya in 1988.

Sidian Bank Gets Sh1.65 Billion For SME Lending

FMO and Sidian Bank have signed a Ksh1.65 billion ($15 million) NASIRA loan portfolio guarantee. This facility under the NASIRA program, will strengthen Sidian...

Safaricom’s Lipa na M-Pesa Faces Equity Onslaught

The mobile payments space for businesses in Kenya is currently dominated by Safaricom's Lipa na M-Pesa, a solution with over 302,000 active till numbers as of July 2021.

Rubis Plotted Artificial Fuel Shortage – Govt Claims

“You alluded that the country was to face a stock out, which is dangerous and would cause panic buying and cause an artificial shortage.” Petroleum Principal Secretary Andrew Kamau wrote to Rubis in response.