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5 Tried and Tested Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

Engaged employees commit themselves to their employer's goals, find satisfaction and meaning in the work they do, and have the potential to enhance business profitability.

Kenya Power MD Bernard Ngugi Resigns, Rosemary Oduor Takes Over in...

Kenya Power's Board of Directors appointed Bernard Ngugi as MD and CEO in October 2019, after key management figures were embroiled in corruption scandals.

StanChart Posts its Highest HY Operating Profit for Five Years in...

The Bank further announced an additional share buy-back programme together with the resumption of the interim dividend payment.

Jambojet Introduces New Flights to Goma, Lamu

“There is a growing demand for air transport across the continent, with the International Air Transport Association projecting that Africa will become one of the fastest growing aviation regions within the next 20 years, with an average annual expansion rate of almost 5%. We, as Jambojet, are keen to be part of this growth,” he added.

Auctioneers Eye Ksh30M for Atul Shah’s Lavington Mansion

Shah had attached a number of his personal properties to secure credit lines for Nakumatt. Offered as security in 2011, the Lavington home accounted for Ksh25 million of the loans worth billions of shillings.

Future-Proof Data Centers Key to Africa’s Digital Transformation

More than 70% of companies in the region will shift to the cloud. This will only increase as more countries invest in better connectivity and infrastructure to manage data centre facilities.

Allianz: The Gulf of Guinea Remains the World’s Piracy Hotspot

Despite the devastating economic impact of Covid-19, the effect on maritime trade has been less than first feared. Global seaborne trade volumes are on course to surpass 2019 levels this year after declining slightly in 2020.

Skiza Tunes: Artists Dance to the Bank After Revenue Share Increase

Launched in 2009, the platform has over 9 million subscribers and allows Safaricom customers to set songs or customized messages to be played instead of standard call-waiting tones.

Peter Munga’s Multi-Billion Power Play That Stunned Africa

Painting Munga as an uncompromising businessman, the commission concluded: "Peter Munga was a business tycoon and all the Mauritian professionals involved put together were no match for him singly alone. He was able to dictate both time and terms, price and party."

StarTimes Introduces New Entertainment, Fashion Content Offerings

The new content will see bouquets enriched at no extra cost to the monthly subscription rates.