Hakeenah N. Njenga

Kenya is my home and its development and growth my motivation. I have a pen and a story to tell about why #KenyaIsMagical. Do you have a tip? We can showcase Kenya together since there is no place like home. Reach me at [email protected]

Luckiest Kenyan Employee Resigns from Multi-million Salary Job, Again

He returned to Vivo Energy in September 2019 after a four-month stint at the Bank

Coronavirus Disease: What You Should Do to Reduce Infection Chances

Symptoms can include fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Sh13 Million For Kenyan Businesses Up for Grabs

The £5M UK – Aid-funded programme is designed to test and support innovative enterprises

Sectors in Kenya Hardest Hit by the Coronavirus Outbreak

61% of businesses have felt effect of coronavirus outbreak on their businesses with 84% of the businesses have experienced very low to moderate impact of virus on their activities.

Counties in Kenya Whose GDP Surpasses National Government’s

There are significant differences in the size of economy across counties counties with urban counties making large contributions to the national GDP.

Fourth Vehicle Brand Assembled in Kenya Launched

The first locally assembled Mahindra vehicles have been unveiled in Nairobi

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