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Dorris Kyalo, a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Major) student, is currently pursuing CPA. Email: [email protected]  

Be Your Own Happiness

Only those deep soul-searching individuals would fully understand what it means to be the source of your own happiness.

Driven to the Grave

Road accidents have become one of the leading causes of death on our roads because we are an ignorant lot. We are careless people.

Stressful Workplaces and Their Negative Effects on Mental Health

The environment at the workplace plays a very key and important role in a person's growth and mental development.

Marriage Has Become a Tricky Affair in the Modern World

People get into marriage for different reasons. There are those who have unequivocally made it a business.

Teacher Takes His Passion to Online Classroom

With his outstanding knowledge he has partnered with well qualified teachers and his commitment to education has seen him win awards.

Ken Walibora’s Death Brings Out the Curse of Being Ordinary

The whole police force will be deployed to probe the murder of Ken Walibora to an unending end and the findings are predictable.

Home Schooling Opens New Chapter For Kenyan Parents

Sad thing is, all children will sit for same exams despite the fact that a certain small percentage in the urban areas have an upper hand.

The Danger in Dancing to the Tune, and Not Words

Wholesome imitation of the western culture is the biggest and worst influence on the young people in Kenya.

Coronavirus Brings the Much Sought-After Equality to the World

For once we are speaking in one language across the world: working together to help each other eradicate this menace of a disease.

Kenya, a Country of Very Selective Amnesia

If the government can frustrate its own powerful party members, who are you as a mere citizen to be valued?