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5 IoT Predictions for 2021: Smarter Tech Will Make Better Business

IoT and connectivity have certainly helped keep us closer on a personal level while we've all been physically apart. The pandemic has nudged businesses to push forward with IoT adoption perhaps faster than they would have liked. To unleash the full value of IoT, secure, wireless connectivity is required.   

Minimum Tax An Idea Worth Pursuing

Businesses are taxed on their profits, and that option still exists provided the tax on profits is more than tax on gross receipts.

NTV Swahili Desk Left Light Following Resignation of Key News Anchor

The news anchor remained guarded and revealed very little regarding her decision to quit

Investing in Mental Health Key in Recovery of African Economies

It is estimated that mental illnesses cost $2.5 trillion globally in 2010, and this cost will rise to over $6 trillion by 2030

The Role of Technology in Unlocking Trade Value in East Africa

Trade in East Africa has already picked up: according to the Brookings Institute, after an initial drop in trade in Kenya during the early months of the pandemic

News Anchor Quit Because He Could Not Stomach Lies

Presenter says he at first stuck with the broadcaster believing that he could counter lies told by prime time news anchors on network's opinion shows

How To Address Data Privacy Concerns At Work & Maximize Employee...

If a business really cares about having a successful 2021, it needs to prioritise data privacy as its number one focus

Blow to KTN as Chinese Broadcaster Poaches News Anchor

However, Standard Group never struggles to replace news anchors and reporters and has formed an unwanted reputation of a feeder station for international broadcasters and Citizen TV

KTDA: Global Glut Has Pushed Down Tea Prices

Despite the slight drop in production, the drop in tea prices is attributed to the high volumes of tea that continue to be delivered to the auction from the region, in addition to the global oversupply of tea

Why Companies Should Assess Data Before Hiring Social Media Influencers

Social media platforms have taken center stage as modes and mediums for advertising of both goods and services