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Abigael Tairo is a journalism and communications student at Daystar University on internship at Business Today. She is passionate about print media and loves writing human interest articles.You can reach her on email: [email protected]

Emmah Amoni: Mtumba dealer turned fashion designer

From selling mitumba in college to making clothes at home, Emmah’s business expanded beyond Kenya's shores to the United States and Brazil.

Retire young and rich

Retiring early will have you do things you had plans for such as travelling the world, spending time with the family or venturing into some new hobbies

Survival tips for freshly-employed graduates

You should live modestly, save your income and plan on your spending. It doesn’t make any sense living a lavish life that you cannot afford yet

How to avoid being broke in campus

There are those who take loans from their colleagues with a promise that they will pay back when funds become available. It is a bad habit.

Tips on getting a job straight from college

After graduation, you need to be smart to find a a job in this highly competitive labour market.