David Langat. [Photo/ Courtesy]

The Chairman and founder of the DL Group of Companies David Langat has been taken to court by African Touch Safaris Limited (ATS Travel) for failing to pay Ksh16.9 million accumulated in airfares.

According to court papers, Langat took flights worth Ksh8.1 million since 2018, both locally and abroad.

The remaining Ksh8.8 was spent by his wife, children and parcel deliveries with direct authorisation from Langat.

“The aforementioned amounts have fallen and payable and remains due and outstanding from the defendants and despite demand having been made, the defendants have refused, neglected and or otherwise failed to pay the aforementioned sum or any part thereof,” court papers filed by Africa Touch lawyers, Nganywa and Kibet Partners LLP read in part.

The fare being demanded from Langat accrued from 2018 to September 2019. In this case, ATS Travel argues that Langat directed them to organize for his travel that of his wife and children and invoice him.

The firm narrates that following the instructions, it opened for him both dollars and Kenya shillings accounts. According to the court documents, he owes Africa Touch Ksh3.8 million in dollars and Ksh1.9 million in the shillings account.

The debt has accrued Ksh5 million.

Alongside DL Group of Companies, Langat also owns Rift Valley Tea Solution Limited and Ibera Tea factory Limited.

“The plaintiff states that between July 23, 2018 and September 27, 2019 the first defendant (Langat) with the instructions of the second defendant (DL Group), the third defendant (Rift Valley Tea), and fourth defendant (Ibera Tea) incurred expenditure amounting to Ksh8.18 million inclusive of interest for traveling to various destinations,” court papers add.

Langat’s travel was mostly to Eldoret from Nairobi.

ATS is also pursuing Langat’s wife Hellen Jerobon Langat. According to the firm, she also signed a contract to manage her transport in July 2018.

She is alleged to have accrued Ksh5.1 million between the date she signed the contract and June 2020. The firm insists that Jerobon has declined to clear the debt.

Jerobon is also said to have traveled mostly to Eldoret, just like her husband.

ATS is also claiming Ksh3.7 million from their children. According to court papers, Natalia Langat owes it Ksh339,624, Nichole Langat Ksh889,011 and Kirk Langat Ksh624,419.

ATS is also demanding Ksh743,546 from Christopher Langat, Ksh315, 520 from Emmanuel Koima, Ksh332,855 from Raymond Sang, Ksh234,398 from Samson Langat while its case against Priscilla Maiyo and Abraham Kurgat involves Ksh22, 552 and Ksh279,270 respectively.

The fare demanded from the nine involves travels around 2019.

According to the company, DL Group agreed to foot their bills in February last year on a monthly basis and top up two percent interest on the accrued amount.

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