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Embed Threat Intelligence In Cybersecurity Resilience

Threat intelligence is a relatively new arrival on the security landscape, but it is one that has the potential to offer immense value to an enterprise.

Inside Azam TV’s Kenyan Mega-Deal

The 7-year deal is worth $1 million per year (Ksh148 million per year) with the amount paid out increasing by $100,000 every year.

Airtel Money Reviews Per Transaction Limit To a New High

The change in the per transaction limit comes after successful engagements with the Central Bank of Kenya and against the backdrop of the recent review of daily transaction limits from Ksh300,000 to Ksh500,000.

Luhya Tycoon Who Offered To Pay Teachers Salaries Started Off With Only Sh38

The story of Ibrahim Ambwere, which borders on folklore, has been retold over the years. This is a man who rose from humble background, defying initial odds, to become one of the Kenya's Wealthiest businessmen.

Nairobi City Roads That Will Be Closed Monday-Wednesday During Africa Climate Summit

Matatu Welfare Association has confirmed that Public Service Vehicles (PSV) will remain in operational in conjunction with the police to make sure the Nairobi residents are not inconvenienced by the expected disruptions.

FALSE: This Video Is Not Of Russia’s Luna 25 Crashing Into The Moon

A post on X (formerly Twitter) with a video supposedly showing Russia’s Luna 25 crashing into the moon is FALSE. The post reads: “BREAKING: Russia’s Luna-25 has...

Battle Of The Amateurs: Diana Mbuba Beats Over 100 Golfers to Claim Nairobi Championship

Seasoned lady golfer Diana Mbuba clinched the Kenya Ladies Golf Union Amateur Championship held at the par 72 Royal Nairobi Golf Club last weekend.

Ruiru To Host Legendary Golf Tournament Featuring 280 Players

More than 280 golfers drawn from different clubs in Kenya are expected to converge at the par 73 Ruiru Golf Course for the legendary tournament this coming Saturday.

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Perfectionism: Are You a Perfectionist?

Perfectionism can be defined as the propensity to think and believe that anything short of perfect is an abject failure while having concerns over mistakes and subjecting oneself to harsh and critical self-evaluations when the output fails to produce sought-after satisfaction and excellence. Am I a perfectionist?

Smart Doors: How You Can Control Access to Your House on Mobile

Many operators of Airbnb in Nairobi and other cities are using this technology to manage their clients access to accommodation and lodging facilities using smart doors and smart switches.

Fatal Accidents Report Reveals Most Dangerous Roads in Mombasa

The report, which spotlights roads with highest accident rates at the coast, offers chilling trends, including, among others, statistics that show significantly more men die in road accidents.

These Awards Prove Co-op Bank’s Positive Economic Impact

Co-op Bank Awards point to the fact that the bank is doing not only doing things right but also doing the right things for its customers and the industry.

After More Than Half a Century, USA is Going Back to the Moon

A United States of America (USA) rocket bound for...