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MISLEADING: President Kenyatta Not Pointing at Kedong Ranch In Photo Shared...

The image posted by award-winning Kenyan photographer, artist and activist Boniface Mwangi shows President Uhuru Kenyatta gesturing and claims he is pointing at the...

MISLEADING: Suspected Killer Cop Caroline Kangogo Did Not Surrender To The...

This photo was shared on several social media accounts, but was prominently used by the Facebook page, Kenyan Expose. The photo surfaced on the...

Donald Kipkorir Details Hushpuppi Deal He Was Offered

US authorities believe that Hushpuppi's scams around the world saw him defraud various individuals and businesses of tens of millions of dollars. The guilty plea marked a u-turn from vehement denial of all allegations by his legal representatives when he was first arrested by police in Dubai in June 2020.

Beauty Premium: Why Attractive People Tend To Always Succeed In Life

Good looks is a much sought after commodity. Women go out of their way to sire children with good-looking men. Some black women deliberately look for white men to sire their children. These women know that good looks can give children an upper hand in the search for jobs. They also know that 'white' people enjoy certain advantages in a world deeply divided along racial lines.

Why Young ICT Innovators in Africa are Struggling

With the exposure to ICT today being at a considerably earlier age compared to the older generation, it shouldn’t be difficult to agree on the question of why invest in the youth.

Defamation: Little-Known Businessman Wins Millions Against Star Newspaper

In the article published on 26th September, 2018, titled “EACC Probes Obado’s Sh100m Palatial Home”, The Star, quoting the the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, reported that Mbingo Enterprises was one of the dubious companies registered by Mr Obado and which was used to build his home. It also reported that Omondi received Sh700 million in questionable contracts by the county.

USIU, Qwetu In New Deal To Ease Student Accommodation Shortage

The United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) on July 27 signed a nomination agreement with Qwetu Student Residences for the provision of purpose-built student accommodation...

Adrian Kenya Wins Big On Fibre Infrastructure Relocation Project

Awarded through the State Department of ICT and Innovation, the project will see the relocation of fibre optic infrastructure ahead of the expansion and construction of the Nairobi-Mau Summit dual carriageway.

IBM Appoints Saad Toma General Manager for Africa, Middle East

During his tenure at IBM, Mr. Toma has held several leadership roles including Global Chief Operating Officer of GTS, in which he was responsible for the management of GTS business operations and adopting a more cognitive business model in support of IBM's clients’ needs.

NCBA Bank Launches Solution To Design And Build Houses

NCBA Bank on July 28th  launched a product that will provide home buyers with a one-stop shop that will offer construction solutions. Through NCBA...