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Diageo Plucks EABL’s Ednah Otieno from Nairobi to Lead Britain Division

"At EABL, we celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive culture that enables every individual in the organisation to contribute and grow in an environment where everyone is valued for who they uniquely are. I’m proud that my promotion epitomises this culture,” she stated.

Cost of Cooking Gas to Rise by Ksh350 as VAT Takes...

The move will force Kenyans to dig deeper into their pockets for cooking gas, at a time when many are already feeling the pain of high fuel prices, cost of living and the economic shocks of the Covid-19 pandemic - including wage cuts, job losses and business closures.

Mwananchi Relaxes Terms For Logbook Loans To Broaden Credit Access

Logbook loans: In an unprecedented move, Mwananchi Credit Ltd has relaxed specific terms to broaden the scope of those who qualify for credit under...

Developing Your Career in Blockchain Space

Careers in Blockchain: Blockchain might be a lucrative investment opportunity for millions of people across the world. But it is a booming sector for...

Indices 101: What Are They And Why You Should Buy An...

Anyone who spends 10 minutes listening to financial media outlets has likely heard one of the following major indices: the American Dow Jones Industrial Average, UK’s The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100, or Germany’s Deutscher Aktienindex (DAX). While many are likely familiar with what an index is in principle by default of hearing news pundits talk about it on a daily basis, fewer people understand how easy, convenient, and safe it can be to buy and sell an index through a standard brokerage account.

Why Should You Invest in Ethereum?

Till now, cryptocurrency has proved to be an enormous ground of competition in this digital world. Almost every country is taking cryptocurrencies very seriously...

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Litecoin in Kenya

Buying Litecoin in Kenya: You might have come across Litecoin while exploring bitcoin but a very significant portion of people knows what Litecoin is....

Visa Makes Global Commitment to Reach Net-Zero Emissions by 2040

Visa is expanding its initiatives to use its products, services, network, data, payments expertise and brand to support sustainable commerce and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Kakuzi Offers Avocado Farmers Free Fruit Maturity Testing Services

At the GlobalGAP certified Kakuzi Avocado Packhouse, farmers will receive detailed pre-harvest reports on quality and maturity against their fruit samples. By extending the free fruit maturity testing services, Kakuzi seeks to empower smallholder farmers to access the often lucrative, albeit highly regulated global avocado markets.

Drone Space Receives ROC Certification for Commercial Drone Operations

“This landmark certification is a critical step in the use of drones to provide solutions to everyday challenges,” said Drone Space Chief Executive Officer Tony Mwangi. “Over the last five years, there has been significant demand for potential drone pilots and legal operations.”