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Uhuru Bank Announces Exit of Boardroom Veterans

Both of the boardroom operatives have opted to head for retirement

Report: These are the Biggest SME Financiers in Kenya

Government's half hearted payment of pending bills cited as a major reason why SMEs are struggling

Car Rental Startup Unveils Intelligent App

The company’s chief executive officer Rawlings Otini said Zuru has signed up more than 100 car owners and is aiming to increase transparency.

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Investing in Land

While all these are valid reasons for purchasing land, there are key questions that one needs to ask before making that ultimate move.

Teachers Get Their Own Bank. But is it Worth It?

Spire Bank says the share sale, which was concluded at the end of November, is a tactical move to bring on board a strategic investor.

This is When Major Opportunities Present Themselves

The global economy, how we live, do business and interact remains fundamentally changed. It is doubtful the world will go back exactly to how it was pre-Covid

What You Need to Know Before Investing in Real Estate

Over the past decade, hundreds of Kenyans have fallen prey to housing scams

Why Red Wine Turns On Women

Scientific studies also prove that men and women are turned on by aromas contained in different brands of wine

Reprieve For Second Hand Car Importers as Regulator Relaxes Stance

The regulator said it had received numerous complaints from the importers prompting it to reevaluate its position on the matter

Not So Popular Stocks Led NSE Gainers Table in 2020

In the year to date, NBV shares have appreciated by 511.43% to Ksh4.28 as at 24th December 2020.