Koffi Olomide was arrested after reports that he assulted his dancer in Nairobi.

Congolese Singer Koffi Olomide was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Kinshasa, DRC, for assaulting a female dancer in Kenya.  Reports indicate he was immediately taken to court in Kinshasa and was found guilty of assaulting a band member during his aborted trip to Kenya last week and sentenced him to serve one and a half years in prison without the option of a fine

Congo media reported that Olomide, whose real names are Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba, was arrested over his actions days after he was deported from Kenya.

Olomide has faced widespread condemnation and outrage since the video of the incident at JKIA was shared on social media. He apologised in a Facebook post on Monday, terming the incident a “moment of madness”.

Kenyans on Twitter called for his immediate arrest and deportation. The Rhumba maestro was deported to Kinshasa, DRC, by Kenya Airways after spending a night in police custody last week.

He denied assaulting the dancer, identified as Pamela. His lawyer George Wajackoyah also accused police of manhandling the musician.

But yesterday, under pressure from across Africa, he issued an apology after he was filmed appearing to kick a woman said to be one of his dancers.

Congolese star Koffi Olomide called the incident a “moment of madness” and posted a statement to his Facebook page saying: “Once again I would like to apologize to my friends, brothers, sisters, fans and especially to the woman.”

He later appeared on a local TV station in DR (Democratic Republic) Congo where he told a interviewer: “I deeply regret what happened. It was a moment of madness.”

Olomide’s show at Zambia’s Agricultural And Commercial Society, where he was scheduled to perform at this year’s 90th Show, was cancelled as a result. The Society replaced him with  his rival, Werasson.

The Society was forced to replace Koffi after he was deported from Kenya after a video of the legendary musician beating up one of his female dancers went viral. Show Society President Ben Shoko announced in a show statement that they will now be bringing Werasson to perform on Friday at the Mulungushi.


  1. Let this be a lesson for all those at the glare of cameras, learn to treat your fellow mankind with dignity regardless of what disagreement you may have with them. Some celebrities grow horns and start thinking once famous, they are above the law. Sorry Koffi Ollomide, that you had to end up in jail but spend the time reflecting on your wrong doings and seek help for your anger.


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