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How to move from job seeker to job creator

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According to the Ministry of Education, about 50,000 graduates are churned out of Kenyan public and private universities every year, piling onto the number of the unemployed. This makes it hard for them to be absorbed in the available job opportunities, with the country’s unemployment rate at 40 percent.

These trend means that an average university graduate will take up to five years to secure a job and to make it worse not in their professional line. Even in the face of all these, there is need to survive and live. One big platform that remains and needs to be well inculcated is the entrepreneurial spirit that ensures for people to get creative enough in using skills and knowledge to create jobs through business ventures.

Job seeking is something that a good number of people do today not realising that the world really needs job creating individuals.

Here now are ways to help you move out of the streets and be productive

Put your ideas into action:  Coming up with great ideas as a job seeker is easy but they won’t matter unless one puts them into reality. The potential impact of ideas should be taken into action. If one has an idea of opening a kiosk, for instance, he or she should start looking for a place, products etc. One should not fear showing or using his ideas.

According to the advice of Richard Boehmcke, creative director of Vibrant Motion, “You won’t know what mistakes you’ll make until you make them. Ask yourself if your desire to do something is greater than your fear of attempting it. Then go make something wonderful.”

Use your passions and interest: One who wants to be a job creator should find his interests and make sense of his passions. Discovering your interests can actually be rewarding in your job creation.

Sophia Bilynsky, founder and creative director of Alleycat Designs, tells says: “Discover what you are truly passionate about. It will sustain you during challenging periods that will inevitably test your commitment. Whether you are driven by financial gain or creative growth, you have to find satisfaction in the work you do as an entrepreneur.”

Profession: One should use his profession to create a job. If one’s profession is hospitality and hotel management then he should start his small hotel using his knowledge. One should create a job that they are good at.

Vocation: In the job creation world, there is always the need to earn a living. Everyone wants to earn a living to cater for their needs and through doing what you are supposed to. Having vocation in mind means you will want to be a job creator to sustain vocationing.

Mission: This is what the business world needs today. It needs job creators not the job seekers. There is more space for the creators than seekers.

The trend of today’s world is that, everyone is running from being a job seeker to a job creator. In the business world, most entrepreneurs are optimistic and have the ability to spot opportunities and turn them into commercial operation regardless the circumstances making the job creation world grow.

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ZAINABU NURUhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Zainabu Nuru is a communications student at Laikipia University.
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