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Technology can bridge literacy gap

Technology is one of the country’s key drivers in realising vision 2030 and as a result the government has underscored universal access to ICTs as a major plank. Access to technology is expected to accelerate economic growth by reducing the cost of transaction and increasing business efficiency. Other benefits include improved ...

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Simple habits that will protect you against fraud while travelling

Vacation 2.0: Improved With Cool New Tech Whatever you’re looking for from your vacation this holiday season, whether it’s sunshine, relaxation, adventure or exploration, having an experience that is hassle free, secure and enjoyable will be high on anyone’s priority list. Here are a few simple safe spending habits to ...

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Techie: Turning apps into useful tools

People use different apps to get services, buy products or offer services. This has eased  life for many.  Businesses have also benefitted from this tech trend. Entrepreneurs and businesses yearn for a drop of this spell to ignite a spark  in their brands. A smartphone, tablet or the famous personal computer could simply ...

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Simple ways to beat social media addiction

Social Media Addiction

Technology has in many ways made our lives much easier. But these technologies have their dark sides. Technology addiction has become a ‘disorder’ to both young and adult people. It occurs when one has a compulsive need to use devices like smartphones, computers and video games and it’s more common ...

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More than meets the eye in Kenic privatisation

Players in Kenya’s telecommunications service industry are up in arms against a move by Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) to privatise KENIC, the dotKE domain manager without involving other stakeholders. While KENIC has two guarantors, CCK and the industry lobby group Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK), it is ...

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